Hey Stan! Hey Chuck! How's it going? Good, and you? Good...Good...So what's up? Oh you know, this and that, you? Oh...wait...did you just grow some hair? Don't know what you're talking about. You just grew a mustashe in 5 seconds! Yeah, it's called being a man Chuck. That's not normal! Well let me know when you hit puberty man. Is it going to stop? Is it too much manliness Chuck? ...Stan... Chuck. ...Help.. me..

James Aldag Duncan Lathlin
D D Igor Lys
Auguste Archer Dan Pappas
Tyler Billmeyer Sean Peterson
Erik Blomberg Elizabeth Schmid
Jeremiah Brockman Shibby Says
Daniel Crouch Nikolai Thunes
Brandon DeLamp Alexander von Wahlberg
Paul Ferguson Brian Zimmerman
Johan Wiik Sander De Groote
Fedor Indutny