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Hey gang, it's your ol' pal J. L. Today's comic is about fundraising, so check back tomorrow if you're not interested... I've launched a patreon.com page! Patreon is a way for nice people to support artists and get rewarded! I love making comics and making people laugh, and this would allow me to do more of both! Right now, I do all of this in my free time and at my own expense. Most revenue comes from ads. If you're reading this via rss or with adblock, I get $0.00 And I don't want to care! Rss and adblock rock! Nobody cares about that 1 weird old tip! Patreon is better! You contribute what you can; I have reliable income. Everyone wins! Best of all, you get extras like draw requests, shipped goods, and a warm, fuzzy feeling! If we hit 2k/month, patrons get a free, signed poster! Having a stable income means cartoons, books, less stress, and more sleep! So let's do this! Let's make Mr. Lovenstein a reader funded explosion of joy and pandas! Thanks for reading!

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