My friend from work got horribly beaten and robbed last night. Isn't that terrible? Eh, she probably had it coming. She can be such a piece of crap sometimes. You know what? I think you always take the opposing side, no matter what, just to argue against me. Hey! No I don't Err... I mean do? No you do? Doooon't? ...Doooo ...not? Doo..n't? I do! I don't! I do! I don't! Except for now, and before... but... but... You're right though, she can be a total piece of crap sometimes.

James Aldag Duncan Lathlin
D D Igor Lys
Auguste Archer Dan Pappas
Tyler Billmeyer Sean Peterson
Erik Blomberg Elizabeth Schmid
Jeremiah Brockman Shibby Says
Daniel Crouch Nikolai Thunes
Brandon DeLamp Alexander von Wahlberg
Paul Ferguson Brian Zimmerman
Johan Wiik Sander De Groote
Fedor Indutny