I don't think I've ever asked what kind of music you listen to. What do you like? Well I like alternative and indie. I shy away from the mainstream pop and country. So you're a hipster then? No no, I like a large variety of genres like folk and reggae. Ah! I see, a hippie. LARGE variety! I'm very eclectic. I even enjoy classical and jazz. I understand now... you're a snob. No matter what I say, you're going to label me. What do YOU like then? Oh I don't listen to any music. That way I can avoid being labeled.

James Aldag Duncan Lathlin
D D Igor Lys
Auguste Archer Dan Pappas
Tyler Billmeyer Sean Peterson
Erik Blomberg Elizabeth Schmid
Jeremiah Brockman Shibby Says
Daniel Crouch Nikolai Thunes
Brandon DeLamp Alexander von Wahlberg
Paul Ferguson Brian Zimmerman
Johan Wiik Sander De Groote
Fedor Indutny