Hey man, do I have a story for you. Oh yeah? So the other day I get hungry and decide to make myself a pizza.. Okay. I pull a pizza out of the freezer and start preheating the oven.. Alright. So then I go to take the pizza out of the wrapper, and just before I toss the wrapper.. Mhmm. I happen to notice there's a pepperoni stuck to the wrapp- I hope this means your story is over because it was laaame.

James Aldag Roy Klein
Chris Aljoudi Duncan Lathlin
Auguste Archer Igor Lys
Elizabeth Barrington Lola McDonald
Tyler Billmeyer Dan Pappas
Erik Blomberg Sean Peterson
Jeremiah Brockman Elizabeth Schmid
Daniel Crouch Shibby Says
Brandon DeLamp Nikolai Thunes
Paul Ferguson Alexander von Wahlberg
Brandon Graham Brian Zimmerman
Fedor Indutny Sander De Groote