I think someone stole my kidney. I woke up in a tub of ice with this scar. Wow, that's a real shame my friend. Hey, you've got a scar in the same spot. What a bizarre coincidence. Yeah. That sure is something. And it's all bulgy an- Jesus Christ, what are you, Goldie Locks? I know it is. Just drop it! You're hiding something from me. Yeah, your kidney. In my body. Now just drop it alright. I'm sorry man. I didn't mean to get so nosy, it's none of my business. Oh it's alright, don't worry about it. I forgive you.

James Aldag Duncan Lathlin
D D Igor Lys
Auguste Archer Dan Pappas
Tyler Billmeyer Sean Peterson
Erik Blomberg Elizabeth Schmid
Jeremiah Brockman Shibby Says
Daniel Crouch Nikolai Thunes
Brandon DeLamp Alexander von Wahlberg
Paul Ferguson Brian Zimmerman
Johan Wiik Sander De Groote
Fedor Indutny